Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Car Window Travel Hell

Well tomorrow we are driving the 150 odd miles from here down to Chichester to see my brother in law and his family.
For a long time these long journeys were fine as our precious bundles of joy would cry for 10 minutes and then quickly drift off into a content car sleep (that special sleep all children under the age of 18 months just cant resist!).
However last time we attempted this journey there was the normal period of crying, but not followed by the blissful sleep oh no there was a wants list and so more crying and some throwing and kicking us in the back and then finally the window was being wound down. This was annoying but not so bad in itself, Alice at least seemed entertained for half an hour or so. And then it happened...half way down the A34 a curious voice asking 'where the wellie gone is heard from the back' and yes yes she has actually done it the lovely gorgeous pair of boots I had bought her only 2 days before is now one lovely gorgeous boot on one little foot the other now somewhere several miles down the road between Oxford and Newbury. Cue massive telling of,f threats of naughty step upon arrival at the brother in laws, more telling off, crying and a final telling off.
The kids did get quieter, just that it was me spending the rest of the journey whinging after this!!

So today (with journey in mind again tomorrow) I have resorted to eHow and used their extremely clever 'dishcloth' technique to remove my daughters window crank.
I read the article simply stating to leave the window fully wound down (i left mine fully up as I have no idea how to pull a fully down window back up ad dont want to look up two car related fixes in one day!) then got my yellow duster (no dishcloth to be found) and squeezed it into the gap between crank handle and door. wiggled it around for a minute and ping I couldn't belive it, off came the entire crank handle!
So now having placed these 'spare' parts in a sandwich bag in the glove box, never to be required again untill we sell the car!! I shall bask in my window up glory!

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