Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Feed my Family for well quite a lot less than a fiver

Just saw sainsburys latest hook for you to buy a weeks meals for £50 and it reminded me of Jamies whole feed your family for a fiver deal.
Iv never understood this as we eat nice tasty healthy food and in sure it almost never even costs a fiver!
Take tonights dinner Chicken and Bacon pasta
Half packet of chicken mini fillet: £1.50 (whole pack is £3 when you buy on the tesco 4 for £12 meat offer)
1/4 pack of value cooking bacon: 17p
3/4 pack of Napolina pasta:75p
1 tin of Napolina tomatoes: 49p
2 red peppers: 60p (tesco mixed pepper pack)

£3.51 total

Just diced this all up and browner the meat and chucked the rest in 20 min simmer then over the cooked pasta.
We all loved this so tasty the kids had seconds and we've still got a whole portion left for lunches!

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