Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Make the most of Prescriptions

My Son Thomas has had eczema since he was about 6 months old and I used to spend a fortune on products like Oilatum etc to go in his bath as as moisturizers.
About 6 months ago my health visitor (not my doctor!) asked why I didn't get it on prescription, the doctor had never said it was possible and had only ever prescribed Diprobase and steroid creams for him. I booked him an appointment asap and guess what now alongside the normal creams we also get the Oilatum for the bath, Aveeno moisturizer and special vests made out of supersensitive material which have cuffs you can turn over at night to stop him scratching.
This has all made a world of difference for Thomas whose eczema is now although ever present manageable, and also to my bank balance as I was previously spending between £10 and £30 a month of the creams etc.
Because he is a child his prescriptions are free but with certain creams the prescription charge is still less than the retail so be brave book that appointment and tell the doctor whats wrong and go in prepared to suggest what you think you need!

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