Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mummys Boys

Today is Sunday, which in our house means its mummy's day for a lie in!
I always get up for the kids on a Saturday morning, then work a Saturday night so Sunday morning lie ins are great and I spend just about the whole week looking forward to the next one
I dont take it for granted that the other half is happy to get up for the kids, because the way we've chosen to do things, for the most part I have the kids, and he does the work. I would completely understand if he we're to want to stay in bed all weekend!

However that doesnt mean that at 6am on a Sunday when Thomas starts screaming and the other half is fast asleep I'm jumping out of bed to get him.
This morning I listened to the screaming for about 10 minutes (sorry neighbours) half hopeful the other half would wake up and half hopeful it might just stop.
Finally grabbed T and put him in bed with us, more crying screaming attempts to headbutt mummy attempts to poke me in the mouth/eye/nose because he's bored,

An hour of Cbeebies blaring and finally Alice is up to so the other half has no excuse and carts them off downstairs.

Fast asleep a few hours later and Im being kicked and poked again by two tiny tots, When asked where daddy is and why their back here I'm told Daddy have a poo poo. Now why is it when I use the toilet on a Saturday they dont both end up flocking in the bedroom hmm.

Finally Im up at 10 O'clock. Seconds later they've shot up the stairs and both demand that I carry them back down (they do both walk just fine!) This is fine lovely no problem they love me great.

In the kitchen trying to get to the bathroom just to have a quick wee! Im grabbed screamed at tugged ad more crying from Thomas all because I haven't picked him up and cuddled him to infinity and met his every need.

I love this boy, but if he wasn't my son Id've taken out a restraining order on him by now!
When he feels neglected (2 minutes without a kiss) I get physically abused! Headbutting kicking poking I seriously hope this isn't just his standard for relationships!

I love so much, but Alice';s clingy phase was well past by this point and I just dont know how to get passed it. He's happy to be with other people as long as he cant see me, and even wants to go to nursery (only 5 months till they'll take him!!) but whenever I'm around he has one thing on his mind. Mum!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

To Move or not to Move

Well, we have lived in Warwick for just over a year now, and I have to say that from my perspective I love being here.
I have the perfect combination of knowing the area well and still having family and friends here without having had to rely on them as I have easily made new friends since being back.

When we moved back I initially wanted to live in a quite specific area of Leamington (Bottom end of Whitnash) as it seemed perfectly distanced from both town/mum and dad/good school etc. I didnt find a house in our price bracket (renting) in the time we were looking and we fell in love with our house just inside Warwick

The house is lovely and really does suit us perfectly - equally sized bedrooms for the kids, decent shower, garage, dishwasher etc
However we hadnt realised that the new development behind us even really existed, and having not done my research that we fall into a school catchment Im not very comfortable with

I have now come across a house in the perfect location in Whitnash for a rate that matchs what we now pay. I really love the idea of being near to two extreemly good schools, living in a quieter more residential area and the parks/shops around there.
However while the house is a semi, so an upgrade on our mid-terrace it has 2 large doubles and one tiny box room (poor Thomas) and as it wont be our own no potential for extending. It seems to have a fairly rubbish shower, and I doubt space for a dishwasher!
There will also be all the cost of moving and the fact that we have finally ended our contract so can be flexible in our current house. We also have an extreemly helpful landlord.

I have booked to look round it on Monday but need to be very careful. I am so exited about the area and the exterior look of the house that I need to remember to keep an unbiased eye while viewing it and be sure that it really is a house we could all live in happily as a family!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor

I have been out of the loop for some while now due to the mischief of a certain Tiger Rabbit.

He hasn't actually met with my pot but tonight I will be making the annoying for a Friday night trip to Coventry to  pick him up a long overdue rabbit run.

Several weeks ago now I found myself scaling the neighbors fence with only minutes to spare before having to rush the kids into the car and pick up the other half. This was not an early attempt at looting, but the result of our rabbit and the neighbours dogs joint efforts to meet their fate. Much scraping underneath fence behind the rose bushes meant the our bunny could now escape into our neighbours garden from our once enclosed adjoining garden.

They'd been trying this for some while and this was one trip over the fence too many seeing as they wernt in, and I felt like an actual intruder popping over there.
I resigned myself to buying a run, and let the rabbit have his free roam around the house instead.
He's always loved the house and even poops in a litter tray filled with hay by choice.

In some sort of protest to his indoor imprisonment in such glorious wether I was in return punished.

One morning while checking my much beloved twitter I started to feel warm. Thought little of this and carried on, next thing I knew I was being burnt and receiving a small electric shock. The light bugger had chewed right through the important half of the laptop cable. 10 minute of battery power remaining was just enough to log into ebay and pick the cheapest but fasted delivered replacement!

as so it has been told, the story of why poor little Tigie Rabbit must have a Rabbit Run.