Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I love Marks and Spencer

I love M&S its as simple as that!
In my ideal world I would live in their clothes and eat all their yummy sandwiches everyday!
Yesterday I popped in for a Bra fitting in the hope that I might need a different size but also just because my year old non wired (post baby) saggy bras were finally driving me mad!
I was bought down to earth by the reminder that my boobs were still unfortunately the same old 36 A's they have been since Alice wad born well Barr the couple of Dolly Parton DD weeks post baby one and two. Despite my years of patience as a teen that they would one day grow and then the promise of vabies equalling bigger boobs (for more than a week)all that seems to've got bigger is me not the boobs as I now crave my ore baby 32 A's!!
But back to the point I went to look around for something new in my ridiculous size when I encounter M&S's new super padded '2 sizes bigger' (Yes two sizes bigger!!) bra. was sceptical as wonder bras etc have always looked more like some sort of pointy sixties space woman outfit on me but couldn't belivr how great this bra was!
I blew my entire (modest) budget and spent £22 on this and it's fab looks brilliant on and in tempted to now never take it back off!!
I'm sure this can be justified as having saved me thousands on a boob job!
Bow I wonder if I could wear. 38 C over the top and have DD boobs!!!

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