Sunday, 12 June 2011

Soggy Sunday

Well today has been grey and raining and generally miserable and the other half doesn't feel well so weekend childcare has fallen squarely on my doorstep!

The only highlight in our just as grey as the sky day was my 5pm resolve to get the kids in their waterproofs don my outrageously bright orange kag in a bag and kick a ball round the garden for 20 minutes so that i can convince myself that they will be suitably tired for bedtime!

I usually try to make a roast for Sundays but what with the other half feeling pants I went for a nice quickfix sausage and mash.

I cooked one packet of £12 classic pork sausages on offer from Tescos for £2
Mashed 5 medium sized potatoes out of my Rooster potatoes (only picked because they were £1 a bag)
added a splash of milk a knob of marg and a sprinkle of salt when they were nice and soft and drained and then gave it alll a good mash (this is a great thing to let slightly older children help out with as mashing is great fun, just be careful though if the pan is still hot!).
Pop a big handful of frozen peas and soya beans in a mug with some water in the microwave for a minute or 2, made up half a pint of instant gravy and there we go nice easy warming dinner.
I think this must've cost less than £3 again and has absolutely stuffed me and two toddlers left a whole portion for the other half's lunch tomorrow and 3 sausages now in the fridge for putting in pasta/sandwiches this week great stuff!

Must dash today though as Im now left with my childrens covered in a mixture of mud/mash and on Thomas what I can only hope it gravy and 45minutes to get the bathed to bed and me off to work.....I cant believe Im about to say this, but roll on Monday!!

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