Monday, 13 June 2011

Oatilicious Face Scrub

Well today the other half has been at home n a shivering wreck that I intially thought may have been the comon or garden football manager syndrome but as the day has progressed Im now forced to accept he is actually ill, and am now back tracking on this mornings lack of sympathy wth a thousand offers of tea and trips to the shop for lucozade.

I went for a really good run today while everyone else was napping!pha but afterwards feeling ultimately grubby  enjoyed a really nice hot shower.

I made up a face scrub Id seen a recipe for last week and was really pleased with it its a really moisturizing and great even for super sensitive skin.
2 Tablespoons of natural yoghurt
1 Heaped teaspoon of Oatbran
Splash of lemon juice.

the oats make this great for moisturizing and leave your skin feeling really soft and smooth while the lemon juice has great cleansing powers!

now to wake up the kids n the hope of getting them back asleep again before work at 7, does it sometimes feel like life doesnt always make sense, or maybe Im just having one of those days!!

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