Monday, 6 June 2011

Run to the Beat

Well today I have eaten early with the kids because I am going jogging this evening.
I am running the Run to the Beat half marathon at the end of September, and while I have been for a few runs I haven't really got quite as into it as Id hoped and had started making excuses..the usual work, the kids, too tired, Eastenders is on!
But I had a letter from Scope (who Im running for) reminded me of all their good work and with some tips for my fundraising and running. This reminded me of all the reasons I decided to do this run in the first place (Raising money for an amazing charity, Trying to finally lose some mummy blubba and being a step closer to ticking the full marathon of the bucket list!) and I felt really guilty for the lack of commitment to my training.
I found a link to Runners World Smart Coach which scope had sent me and checked out my training program. Now I cant say I understand everything thats on their (2mi@19:08 ?! can anyone help me?!) but Im going to go for a 2 mile run for sure and try and work out what the rest means to stay on track. I like how the training program looks though as it really does seem to build you up to the longer distance in stages, so fingers crossed I can stick to it and be ready for the big day.

Now just to pick some good running tracks to pop on the Iphone and find something suitably decent to go for my run in, hopefully I will still be here to do more blogging tomorrow and not collapsed in a ditch between here and Kenilworth!!

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