Friday, 10 June 2011

Crazy Coupon Lady

While trying to get things organised today I remember that I had never updated the address my clubcard was registered too since moving house as when I first went to do this the site had been down and it had ended up in the forgotten half of the to do list after that.

When I logged on I was delighted to see that I had £46 worth of vouchers that had been sent to my preious address unspent. I was expecting a long winded calll to customer services to resolve the unspent voucher issue but was really pleased to see that they tell you the vouchers online codes for you to spend at

I know that the best way to spend your clubcard vouchers is to use the 'Rewards' section as you can get 3 times their value in this section by choosing days out, resaurant tokens (as in my post Half Term Girls Day) air miles and many many other choices. However for some reason I was overpowered by the entirely irrational feeling that maybe the new people living at my old address would start opening my post (after not having done so in nearly a year!) and discover my unsused stash of vouchers. I also remember that as its been a while since I shoped at Tesco direct they had sent me a £7.50 ecoupon to use when I spent £75.00 or more.

This inspired me to revisit my tesco account to do the weekend shop, in total this should've cost me £96.79 however with my multi-buys, eCoupon and £46 of clubcard vouchers all taken off it came to a much more pleased £28.90 including delivery. Brilliant! and Im now saved the torment of the friday night/weekend Tesco run.

I started shopping with extreemly reluctantly at first convinced that it would take me hours to click on every single item I wanted to buy and annoyed at the idea of missing out on my bargains.
However a weekend spent complaing again to the other half about attempts to do the Tesco run with two tantruming toddlers eventually led to a cave in and me agreeing to give it a go.
Since then I have certainly not regretted it. Im lucky enough to have an Iphone so I usually use the Tesco Groceries app to do my shopping and despite having to pay the delivery charge (aywhere between £3.50 and £6 dependant on times) I deffinatly save money over entering the shop!
Not only does it already just know your favourites so all you have to do it tick the box if you want them that week, it also reminds you if you've missed and offer and lets you view all specials in each sections.
I used to spend round £75 a week and return home with lots of additional junk added to please the little ones or my rumbeling tummy. Now I think Im down to about £55 a week and Im saved the nightmare of shopping with the children or having to wrench myself away from eastenders to do it in peace!

I wont lie I can still regualarly be caught on a Sunday afternoon in my local Tescos bargain spotting in the reduced section but I really dont have to 'pop' into the supermaret or the local shops much at all these days as its just so much easier to remember what you want when you've got the cupboard right infront of you, not a 2 year old grabbing at only the things that seem to be breakable.
Our shoppping now also arrives sans carrier bags which I highly approve of as they're not squashed into a never ending pile under my sink now and I have to say Tescos do a much better job and not bruising and breaking my food than I have the patience for after 2 hours of trolly steering!

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