Thursday, 9 June 2011

Argh Giant Spider!

There is a giant spider in my bathtub, simple as that!

While alice was using the toilet this morning I couldn't help it, Iv tried to hard but out came the scream when I saw 8 hairy legs appear from under our bath time penguin in the bath.
Alice was most concerned ad asked what was wrong, while I reassured her nothing was the matter and mummy was playing a game while frantically hunting for some sort of see through tub. (note the tub must be see through to make constant checks on the spider untill such time as it can be removed).
Cue Alice seeing the immense spider 'Oh a love-E spider mumma, he's funny' and being most upset that he was now trapped under the tup and didnt want to play 'tickles'!? (where does she think up these lovely games?!)
I have tried very hard to control my spider reaction over the years since having the kids as I do know that its unreasonable and it wont kill me, sting me, bite me or even scratch (less can be said for the Rabbit) but wanting to pet it really is a step to far!

Now I am left with a giant spider still in my bathtub and curious toddler and me wondering if its okay to ask the dishwasher repair man to remove it!!

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