Friday, 8 July 2011

To Treat or Not To Treat

While I was nipping round my local Tesco this morning I bumped into a lady who's son also goes to Alice's preschool.
His birthday is today (he's 4 so in the Butterflies group not Alice's caterpillars) and she was telling me how having dropped him off this morning she was asked where the sweets were to give to the other children.
Consequently she was rushing round Tesco's stocking up on suitable junk for his party and for preschool.

I couldn't help but comment that i was shocked to hear that the preschool had actually requested that she bring in sweets to dish out.
When it was Alice's birthday on a playgroup day last summer I cautiously bought in a cake unsure whether this might annoying other mothers that I was promoting junk to their kids!

I'm now left pondering exactly which line of thought is the best!

Should we be discouraging our kids from eating sugary junk or is it actually the opposite that these treats are in fact designed for kids for a very good reason!

And also as much as I really do love Alice's preschool is it really right that for every child's birthday the kids are dished out packs of parent provided sweets that they are left eagerly clutching at collecting time. Presumably this is incase you didn't want your kid to eat them, but surely they must know the very fact their frantically clutching the packet is allowing it in the first place. I'm yet to see a single parent not just open it to ensure a peaceful walk home!

With Alice's 3rd birthday fast approaching and it falling on her one preschool day (at her other preschool) for the holidays I'm left very confused about what approach to take...without even mentioning the whole party issue!

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